About us

Nicole & Steph

You will find through looking at our photo galleries that our photography style is very natural, creative, expressive and sometimes non-traditional.  

We like to have fun, capture candid moments, and laughter is the best.  We're always thinking of new ideas for photos and scouting new locations. We don’t stick to one style per say because every shoot and individual is different.  What one person likes another may not, so we try to tailor your shoot completely to you and what you are trying to capture.  We want our clients to have fun and feel completely comfortable during the session.

A little about Nicole… 

Establishing the business in 2008, Nvision-based on ‘Nicole’s Vision’ is the owner and one of the photographers. Here’s a quick round up of the person behind the lens!

* Married to Aaron in 2008, they welcomed a son Jackson (#Jackerbean) in 2009 and a wild child Levi (#evillevi) in 2015. 

*Dislikes blueberries, coconut, pulp, & people that don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them. 

*Friends call her Nic or Nico usually and family call her Niki.

*Likes entertaining, making lists, theme parties, music, crime shows, and family is everything!

Sunsets, Coffee, journals, birthday cake ice cream from Reids Dairy, donuts from Doohers and hot sauce are day makers for her.

The details on Steph…

Steph came onto the scene in 2012, starting out as an assistant for weddings and then an administrative assistant for Nicole and a full second shooter by 2014. 

*Her most important title is Mom. She has 3 beautiful daughters Ava, Ella, & Vila and the baby of the family is a son named Rowen. 

*She loves all foods pasta and spicy buffalo!

*One of her favourite places to spend time is her parents home/cottage on the lake in Marmora, On.

*She loves to Laugh! A funny movie, a dirty joke, time spent with friends! Laughter is the cure for all things!

*Dislikes snakes, the smell of seafood, & waiting.

*Coming from a large extended family she loves all quality time spent with family. 

*She still has the first real camera she ever got, a Minolta. The type of camera that didn't show you your photo and you had to take the film to get developed.